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For questions about how a device is powered in general, where that is the primary purpose of the question.

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How mature is massive MIMO energy harvesting (in the 3GPP standards)?

About a year ago I attended a presentation where it was explained that a successful and thorough proof-of-concept for LTE massive MIMO had been conducted and was hopefully going to make it to into 5G1....
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Alarm system built with raspberry + sonoff rf bridge

I am developing a personal project at the end of which I should be able to create a homemade alarm system. All this should be protected against voltage drops/failures, the whole circuit will be inside ...
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ESP32 - 5V output to operate a Relay

I'm playing around with a new ESP32 flashed with Micropython from eBay in order to replace a Rpi Zero W. Am I missing the 5v output? I need it to operate a Relay. Can a 5vDC Relay be operated as ...
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Mains circuit phase balancing relay?

I am looking for a device, like a special relay that would allow me to dynamically switch/move some of my home appliances between the 3 phases that I have on my mains circuit. Is this possible? The ...
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Wired Protocol for Home Automation

I am designing a centralised home automation system. Specifications: Switch / Control Lighting HVAC Take inputs from Sensors (temperature, occupancy, etc) Physical Inputs (Switch/Buttons) Mobile ...
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ESP32 - using 3.3V Dual relay

I have an issue- which I guess is has some power issue. I'm using ESP32 and a 3.3v Dual relay. My code is simple ( switch up and switch down ), and works fine. The thing is that when all wires are ...
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