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For questions about the design of mass-market products (as opposed to one-off hobby products). Use this tag to clarify that cost, maintenance, regulation (amongst others) are relevant factors to your question.

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Best memory choice for my sensor

I'm a software developer and trodding in murky waters here so please do forgive my lack of knowledge. I've been developing a sensor with the nRF9160DK and some accelerometers. I need to continuously ...
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Create and manage thousands of "things"

I'm working on a project that might grow up to several thousands of things. The management is on AWS. My lack of knowledge is about practical operations, like the creation of the things. Currently we ...
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How to select a right database for IoT gateway?

Assume I build a IoT gateway (Linux OS) for collecting data from sensors. Data is store on database, and can be viewed via a web server implement on this gateway. Storage is not much, about 2GB. ...
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How to keep users from breaking buttons [closed]

Simple problem, if I have a large button a user can put their hand on then I'm afraid they can put too much force and break the electrical button underneath. If I make the external button bottom out ...
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How do I store data on iot device with only occasional access to the internet?

We are in the planning phase for a telemetry iot device with only occasional access to the internet. I found a lot of information online on how to store iot data in the cloud, what databases to use, ...
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Tracking exceptions and errors in production IoT devices?

How are companies tracking errors on IoT devices, gateways and platforms at present? My company is using papertrail to aggregate logs from all devices, however this often leaves us scratching around ...
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What is the power implication of encrypting my sensor traffic?

Considering a typical type of application, a battery powered sensor taking readings (32 bit value) every 10 minutes, what is the likely impact on battery life if I choose a simple un-encrypted on-air ...
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