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Questions tagged [provisioning]

For questions about issues specific to the deployment of many devices. This includes identification, customer identification, and to a lesser extent device management.

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Provisioning "things" on AWS IoT without certificates confusion

I am new to AWS IoT. I wish to use AWS IoT's feature called JITP (Just In Time Provisioning) to provision my gateways automatically. I am using BeagleBone boards as device gateways. I followed the ...
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Automatic Compiling & Flashing of EFM32 Programs

I'm working a Machine Learning project, and I need to gather some data about the run-time of an EFM32 Microcontroller (EZR32LG). After gathering a small dataset and realizing I need more (A lot more) ...
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Intended use of Azure's Device Provisioning Service for IoT hubs

Suppose I have many IoT devices in the field that are only powered on intermittently. These devices are automatically provisioned using Azure's DPS. Suppose also I'm using SAS token which expire in 24 ...
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Securing wifi SSID and password during provisioning

This is yet another provisioning BLE/Wifi question. We are looking to secure the initial communication between our mobile application and smart device (esp32, ble and wifi). We want to make this as ...
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How to provision large scale of IoT devices with multitenancy as a major concern in Azure IoT?

I am using Azure sphere device with Azure device provisioning service (DPS) to connect to IoT hub. I know DPS is a good way to handle provisioning in multitenancy but, let's say I have 1000 Azure ...
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