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Questions tagged [remote-access]

For questions regarding communicating with IoT devices from outside the immediate network. For example via the internet from a remote location.

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Get data from IoT device *without using phone app*

I often find myself in a situation of wanting to get data out of an IoT device without having to use a phone app. Example1: My blood pressure monitor (Omron 654) has a bluetooth-based android app that ...
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What is the best way to setup messaging with devices that might be anywhere on the internet?

Are there standard techniques/libraries that are used to implement IoT? How does a monitoring-and-control component setup a messaging connection to a monitoring device that might be tethered to a ...
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SSH into Home Assistant instance from anywhere

So I have Home Assistant running on an RPi-4. I have the instance running locally but I also have the cloud service through Nabo Casa. I have a sub-domain through my domain from google domain that I ...
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Remotely controlled alarm

I would like to find, or if necessary, create a device that can be set to go off with a chime or alarm of some sort at certain times throughout the day. If that was all that was required, then no ...
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Can I remotely control a NON SMART tv connected to my home network? [closed]

I have a Samsung TV downstairs that is connected to our internet via an Ethernet cable. I wanted to know if there is any way that I can access the TV remotely using my PC, to mess with the volume, ...
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Monitor plug socket remote from desktop PC

Planning a one off party event that involves turning mains lights on/off and then playing media on a PC connected screen. It need not be very fast and doesn't need to use internet but WiFi is ...
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What are the current reliable remote internet options?

I have a remote camera security system that is off-grid & solar-powered. Right now, I connect to it using a off-the-shelf mifi / hotspot device. It works, but if I ever have a few days of low ...
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wired remote control of old equipment

I need to imagine a setup - hardware and software - to remotely use a sampler. Like this one, for example : I've asked this question on the Signal processing ...
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Connecting to a remote IoT device using a 4G dongle

I am building an IoT device that needs to be deployed at a remote location. There is no fixed line accessibility having me resort to a 3G/4G wifi dongle for connectivity. Are there any alternatives ...
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Tracking arrival and depatures in remote locations [closed]

I am hoping for suggestions of how to track the arrival and departures of health care workers in remote locations. An idea proposed was to use some sort of a GPS tracker. Is this feasible? Any cheap ...
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Powering an ESP32 used for controlling solenoids remotely

Context I am from a software engineering background, so I don't know too much about electric engineering apart from basic stuff like Ohm's Law (but willing to learn if needed). I'm building a garden ...
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Accessing my Wi-Fi IoT socket from remote via Phone

I'd like to access my Wi-Fi Socket (Smart Plug SWA1) at home from anywhere via my (Android) Phone. It works perfectly at home via Wi-Fi. But when I tried it from outside, it didn't. Even if it says ...
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How to access internet-connected home when phone moves between LAN Wi-Fi and Cellular?

My 20-year-old home control computer is on my LAN and has incoming port forwards for remote access. My iPhone can access it either way, but I have to stop and think which connection it is using, so ...
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Solution for IoT web UI

I try to describe my issue with an example. Just imagine, that I manufacture some device and every device has its own ID and optionally some password. Alice as customer bought my device and ...
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How do I use Home Assistant's Configurator with remote access?

I have: Raspberry PI 3 B+ Hassbian with Home Assistant And have created my own remote domain. Before I did that, I could easily use Configurator. But now, it just show me the Home Assistant login ...
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Techniques of remote access to non IP IoT devices

I have asked a question about Port Forwarding for non IP IoT Devices I understand that the hub is the controller of non IP devices attached to it, and each group of devices with the same wireless ...
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Tracking exceptions and errors in production IoT devices?

How are companies tracking errors on IoT devices, gateways and platforms at present? My company is using papertrail to aggregate logs from all devices, however this often leaves us scratching around ...
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Remote access through carrier-grade NAT [duplicate]

I have an IoT device that is connected via an LTE gateway. The LTE ISP uses carrier-grade NAT, which seems to be increasingly common and hard to avoid in the US. I need to access the device remotely ...
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Remote access for multiple IoT project units

We are in the early stages of planning an IoT project. One issue we are struggling with is how our Internet based server can access each unit of our IoT project and deploy code updates, messages ... ...
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A WiFi smart light switch with cloud API?

I need some suggestion for a WiFi based smart light switch that can be remotely controlled and has an open API. WeMo light switch doesn't have open remote API. Same with another popular TP-Link ...
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How to access camera feed of Raspberry Pi out of a local broadband network?

BACKGROUND The current setup I have for the Raspberry Pi is: USB Webcam -> Raspberry Pi -> Netgear Router -> Local ISP -> Internet My ISP gives me a captive portal through which I can ...
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