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Questions tagged [remote-access]

For questions regarding communicating with IoT devices from outside the immediate network. For example via the internet from a remote location.

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Powering an ESP32 used for controlling solenoids remotely

Context I am from a software engineering background, so I don't know too much about electric engineering apart from basic stuff like Ohm's Law (but willing to learn if needed). I'm building a garden ...
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4 votes
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Accessing my Wi-Fi IoT socket from remote via Phone

I'd like to access my Wi-Fi Socket (Smart Plug SWA1) at home from anywhere via my (Android) Phone. It works perfectly at home via Wi-Fi. But when I tried it from outside, it didn't. Even if it says ...
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Remotely controlled alarm

I would like to find, or if necessary, create a device that can be set to go off with a chime or alarm of some sort at certain times throughout the day. If that was all that was required, then no ...
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What is the best way to setup messaging with devices that might be anywhere on the internet?

Are there standard techniques/libraries that are used to implement IoT? How does a monitoring-and-control component setup a messaging connection to a monitoring device that might be tethered to a ...
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What are the current reliable remote internet options?

I have a remote camera security system that is off-grid & solar-powered. Right now, I connect to it using a off-the-shelf mifi / hotspot device. It works, but if I ever have a few days of low ...
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