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Questions tagged [rest-api]

For questions regarding the use of REST (Representational State Transfer) in an IoT context.

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Are there any smart electrical plugs with an open API?

My friend and I are in a university and we have been asked by the agriculture professor to create automated watering systems for plants. We want to have control over the grow lights so are there any ...
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1 answer

How to pass two parameters in header using AT Command with SIM800 GSM modem?

I have a restful webservice with POST method. I want to use this webservice using a GSM Modem with SIM800. I am using following command instruction: AT+SAPBR=2,1 --Check if bearer 1 is open or not ...
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Does AWS Mobile SDK for Android gives capabilities to call AWS IoT REST APIs?

I thought of writing an WebApp to control my Android Phone. What I'm intended to do is My WebApp will call the REST APIs of AWS IoT and send some commands. Using AWS rules engine I store those ...
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2 answers

Upload measurements with unix script ( RESTful API?)

A thermostat device returns JSON like data from the command line: curl -s http://192.168.X.Y/tstat/humidity {"humidity":51.00} It would be interesting to setup a UNIX cron job to periodically script ...
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3 answers

Multiple agents authentication to MQTT

I am building a small IoT platform. I have a webapp reading data from MongoDB. There is a worker that reads from MQTT and stores the data to mongo. Until here, all good. I want to be able to ship an ...
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6 votes
2 answers

How to make a MQTT Broker and a REST API communicate?

I'm still very new to IoT and IoT protocols, so pardon my ignorance. I'm trying to go about creating a home automation system to control lights, read room temperatures etc. The user should be able to ...
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Recommendation to choose API development open source Language, Framework and Database

I'm working in a IoT project and my role is to provide APIs to allow devices to communicate with server/database. I have decided to use MySql for relational data like user details etc.. and MongoDb ...
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1 answer

RESTapi and MQTT Broker

Question: What I'm trying to do is to get the REST API to be able to publish to my Mosquitto MQTT Broker (which is also hosted on my Pi on Port 1883) via IFTTT Webhook. Context I've built a webapp ...
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2 answers

How do smart plugs of domotic IoT work?

I was wondering how smart plugs work, how they can be controlled and how secure they are. Since they are part of your local network and since they can be controlled remotely even from another network ...
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Thingspeak API Limit GET Requests?

Is there a GET request rate limit for the Thingspeak API? So far I've only been able to find information about POST requests. I have a data acquisition R script that I would like to run in parallel. ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Advise on device to use when tracking a moving vehicle and pushing data to an API

I need to determine when a van leaves or enters a geofence range, and alert a system on my side - either via an API call or email sent - so that I can digest that data for later. My blocker is finding ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Real-time web-app for IOT devices

Goal I'm currently building a web application to control multiple IOT devices over the cellular network. Given the nature of the devices (working off battery power and operating in constrained network ...
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How to call an API using a smart button?

I want to do a simple thing: Give away buttons to my friends that they can click randomly and it simply calls an API that I have implemented. I cannot wrap my head around what should I do and what is ...
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Communicate with a smart plug from my own JSON server directely

I am new to the field of IoT, I am very grateful for your help. My goal is to turn on/off and obtain the state a smart plug via my own JSON server not using its manufacturer's API. Please if you have ...
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