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For questions related to use of RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology in IoT devices. For questions about the electronics aspect, consider asking at Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange.

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Standalone NFC/RFID with WiFi/ethernet network connection

I spent many hours looking for a device for my iot project. So far, everything I find does not meet my expectations. I prepared two prototypes - one based on rpi zero and one based on esp32, but I ...
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NFC Reader PN532 works after executing nfc-poll

I use Adafruit_CircuitPython_PN532 to read the card id with a PN532 on SPI. After booting my pi my script doesn't work. However, when I execute nfc-poll in a terminal everything works fine. My python ...
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Is it possible to connect a PN532 with CP210 to Windows x86/64?

I want to use my PN532 as input device like a keyboard on my pc with windows 10. I have a PN210 USB to UART Bridge. Is there a way to use my PN532 on a x86/64 device?
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Calculate NFC Tag size to store static data

I'm trying to design a system that transfers the DateTime of entry and exit of people to another system. The data is log of records per week for each person and must be transferred once. These data ...
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Indoor Asset Tracking

I am working on a project for a client. My project is about tracking assets indoors. Example: I have a large warehouse with several store rooms. Each room being about 50x50 ft large. Each room ...
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RFID Specifications and Project Recommendations [closed]

I'm very new (one day) to the IoT world. I've got a specific project I want to tackle, as a intro to IoT, but I'm also open to general advice on getting started. In summary, I want to know if my ...
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How does R20D-USB RFID reader read directly into text editors/input forms? [closed]

I have a R20D-USB RFID reader. When I connect it to the machine, open a text editor application or and webpage with an input form, and read the RFID card the RFID is automatically typed in the text ...
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Pushing Processed data from RFID + Sensors to a Platform

I have some sensor nodes (Bosch XDKs) that send information to an MQTT broker and an application reads the information and stores it into InfluxDB. Simultaneously, I have RFID readers that scan some ...
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How does UHF RFID remain sufficiently insensitive to product-dependent frequency shift?

A recent paper given at the ACM Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks describes a system that analyzes the variation in the EM response of UHF RFID tags on containers, due to variation in the chemical ...
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Options for cheap and "open" wireless thermometer/humidity sensors

I'm starting to explore IoT in my home, the first step being to connect a raspberry pi 3 B+ to a DHT22 temp/humidity, record DHT readings in a database which I then surf via a node server running on ...
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IoT based warehouse management solution [closed]

In our Group of Companies, we are having a Logistics arm which is running services for industry on following domains: Transport and Fleet Management Industry Warehousing We are looking for IoT based ...
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Tracking livestock location without GPS or mobile network

Is there a way if I have a paddock 2 km by 2 km I can find the location of my livestock, essentially live tracking their movement? I've thought of possibly giving them a passive RFID tag with ...
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What would be the best way of authenticating users without password or username?

In our project, there are over 200 dummy users who are not very capable of using mobile technologies or computers comfortly. The project is essentially a MRP & Production Planning solution with ...
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Wireless communication technologies for indoor location-tracking

I need to develop a solution for determining whether an object/tag exists within a defined perimeter. The perimeter would be located indoors so GPS isn't an option. It would be an approx 10 metres x ...
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Is it safe to have a RFID card in the back of a Cellphone case [closed]

I hope this is the right Stack Exchange to ask this, but since RFID Cards are becoming more common and with new Microcontrollers a lot of home-built Internet of things devices can be RFID i figured ...
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Zigbee network intermittent issues

My Zigbee network connection seems to be intermittent. Suddenly all routers will lose connection, for example unable to ping any of the routers. After awhile (e.g overnight or a period of a few days) ...
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Should I use NFC, RFID or something else?

I'm a web developer - so IoT is not my speciality at all - and I've been asked to find the cheapest and most efficient way (in this order of priority) to build a gizmo for a sport event (can't be more ...
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IoT for industrial warehouse management

Currently, I am using RFID technology for my warehouse management. My warehouse spans across 4 acres, I need to deploy so many RFID antennas and RFID readers to constantly scan the area for goods ...
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