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Questions tagged [routers]

For questions about networking devices that forward data packets between computer networks. For general networking questions, consider asking at Super User.

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Using the Matter protocol over Wi-Fi

I am new to Matter. I am having trouble understanding how Matter over Wi-Fi actually actually works with regards to the actual Wi-Fi network. If I am using Matter over Wi-Fi for all of my devices, ...
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No router device sees my ethernet cable, but all my endpoint devices see it

This is a weird one. I live in a very remote area with no wired internet options, so I have set up a 4G router about 75 meters from the house in a spot where 4G reception is good enough. I'm running a ...
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Apple TV - route specific app(s) through VPN

Apple TV does not have support for VPN apps like SurfShark or ExpressVPN like Android. The problem There is one specific app I would need to go through a specific country. All other apps should not ...
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Confused: What is this weird IP address?

So I've been looking into NAT traversing for my IoT project, and I'm a little confused. Here's how it goes: When I go out to ask google "what is my public ip address?", I get an address like ...
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Hostname resolution different on both WiFi bands

I have a couple of devices that have a defined hostname, to which I can access/reach on both my browser and command line (using ping) when I am connected to my home network via LAN and 5GHz WiFi, but ...
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How to upload new firmware to Ralink RT5350F board

I took apart old Edimax SmartPlug (model SP-1101W) to find out that the brain of the device is Ralink RT5350F chip conviniently placed on removable module board: The board has two rows of 14 pins (28 ...
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Why arp -a does not show all devices connected to WIFI? [closed]

I am trying to see the IPs of all the devices connected to my WIFI. Everyone suggests to use the command arp -a in the terminal but when I do so I get always the same list of devices. I try to connect ...
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Are there wireless to wireless routers for meshing, and if not why?

I have years of adminning cloud/telco infrastructure but have never really looked into much for my house other than your basic router/switch/nas setup. Moved into a bigger house and wanted to ...
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ESP32 or Other as DHCP AP / Router

I have a number of IoT devices that need to be able to connect to a central device. The ideal solution would be a sort-of homegrown router that uses an ESP32 or other solution that can operate as an ...
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How many machines do I connect to a single WiFi router?

I have 10,000 machines (to make jute-bags), and each machine needs to send data to a remote server every 2 seconds. The data consists of machine id, machine state and various other information ...
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Access Raspberry Pi behind a NAT firewall through Internet

I have been developing projects with Raspberry Pi 4. For the current project I am running a NextCloudPi server on it. I am able to access the server using my Internal IP. I want to access it using a ...
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How IoT device in my local network is controlled from other networks? [duplicate]

I have some WIFI bulb from Xiaomi/Philips. It is controlled using Mi Home app. I can control it (turn on/off) both when I am in the same network as the bulb or when I'm in a completely different place,...
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Sonoff switches on Google Home - Cascade Router configuration?

I had my Sonoff switches working fine on my rental FTTH modem then I bought Google Nest Wifi. Only my kitchen lights connect to the "blended" wifi, the rest of them won't show up on Google home (same ...
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Router connected to a router: how to cast different things in each router? [closed]

My brother is my neighbor and we are saving some money sharing internet, but I don't want to share anything else, just internet. What I did is to pass a cable through the wall that connects his ...
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Can portable routers be connected to power supply for months without damaging their batterry?

I am looking for a solution to provide internet connectivity to my iot device through a router which would not be affected by power failures (of no more than 3 hours). The options that I can see are ...
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What is the special function with 4G industrial routers? [closed]

Are 4G industrial routers compatible with 3G and 2G network?
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How to connect 1 million devices over Layer 3 IP-protocol

I have edited the question after reading about MAC-to-MAC protocol (RMII/MII) here: My IOT device looks like a USB stick. I am building a datacenter for 1 ...
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Avoid limited connections of WiFi Router

Scenario I developed a simple board that connects via WiFi and upload some data to a remote server. The network management is up to the customer but now he asks me some hints about how to avoid the ...
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Is MQTT scalable with 1000+ clients?

Scenario IoT device (currently IPv4 device) that sends via TCP socket a payload to a server once per day. The server has a public IP address, the device is behind a router/NAT. I'm going to use a ...
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How to make node select the least preferable parent as preferred parent in RPL protocol?

I would like to simulate in Cooja the following: one of the nodes selects the worst parent that provides the worst routing information as its preferred parent i.e. it breaks the Objective Function ...
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How to turn a router into CoAP server or MQTT broker [closed]

Can we turn a router to a MQTT broker or CoAP server? or can we just take additional service from the router by installing CoAP or MQTT broker on it, probably in Java. The router can be powerful as ...
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Zigbee network intermittent issues

My Zigbee network connection seems to be intermittent. Suddenly all routers will lose connection, for example unable to ping any of the routers. After awhile (e.g overnight or a period of a few days) ...
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How do I protect my home from IoT devices being compromised and being used for DDoS attacks?

I am trying to understand the vulnerability of my home IoT devices. From what I understand, the big DDoS last year was caused by compromised IoT devices with generic or default usernames and passwords....
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~200 Devices on Single AP

I have a project where I would like to connect ~200 devices to a single AP. Each of these devices will be offset in their communication so that there will only be approximately 10 devices relaying ...
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How can I handle IP addresses changing when the router reboots with Home Assistant?

I have setup multiple lamps and sensors in my Home Assistant configuration. However, I want to know how to best handle the following scenario. If there is a problem with my router or a power cut and ...
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Will disabling my network's SSID broadcast cause my WPA encryption to be disabled? [closed]

I encountered this message when I tried to disable the SSID broadcast of my home network. Does this mean that my router's Wi-Fi connection will no longer be encrypted? Sorry I'm pretty new to ...
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How does the Norton Core increase the security of a "smart home"?

Symantec is releasing a new router, the Norton Core, which they describe as "The secure router for your connected home." I found out about this while reading an article on Engadget, but their ...
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