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Questions tagged [routers]

For questions about networking devices that forward data packets between computer networks. For general networking questions, consider asking at Super User.

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How to make node select the least preferable parent as preferred parent in RPL protocol?

I would like to simulate in Cooja the following: one of the nodes selects the worst parent that provides the worst routing information as its preferred parent i.e. it breaks the Objective Function ...
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Sonoff switches on Google Home - Cascade Router configuration?

I had my Sonoff switches working fine on my rental FTTH modem then I bought Google Nest Wifi. Only my kitchen lights connect to the "blended" wifi, the rest of them won't show up on Google home (same ...
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Apple TV - route specific app(s) through VPN

Apple TV does not have support for VPN apps like SurfShark or ExpressVPN like Android. The problem There is one specific app I would need to go through a specific country. All other apps should not ...
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How to upload new firmware to Ralink RT5350F board

I took apart old Edimax SmartPlug (model SP-1101W) to find out that the brain of the device is Ralink RT5350F chip conviniently placed on removable module board: The board has two rows of 14 pins (28 ...
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Using the Matter protocol over Wi-Fi

I am new to Matter. I am having trouble understanding how Matter over Wi-Fi actually actually works with regards to the actual Wi-Fi network. If I am using Matter over Wi-Fi for all of my devices, ...
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No router device sees my ethernet cable, but all my endpoint devices see it

This is a weird one. I live in a very remote area with no wired internet options, so I have set up a 4G router about 75 meters from the house in a spot where 4G reception is good enough. I'm running a ...
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Hostname resolution different on both WiFi bands

I have a couple of devices that have a defined hostname, to which I can access/reach on both my browser and command line (using ping) when I am connected to my home network via LAN and 5GHz WiFi, but ...
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ESP32 or Other as DHCP AP / Router

I have a number of IoT devices that need to be able to connect to a central device. The ideal solution would be a sort-of homegrown router that uses an ESP32 or other solution that can operate as an ...
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