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For questions about safety issues of using IoT devices. This is about keeping the device safe to use for a human being and not endangering people or the general surrounding of a device. Be sure to differentiate the operational safety of a device from security questions. Use the [security] tag for questions about the integrity of a device and its data.

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Are all SonOff GPIO mains isolated?

So we all know that SonOff devices are basically an ESPxx device with a mains PSU and a relay. Pretty much all of the discussions of flashing include very sensible warnings about not trying to involve ...
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Using LP Gas Sensor in a Smart Home Safety System

We are making a smart home safety system for a small academic project (Yes. I am a newbie for this). We need a Gas Sensor (LP Gas) for the project, but there are a few questions that I have. I found ...
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Wiring regulations for self made electrical equipment (UK)

There are various intrusive wiring regulations in the UK. If I want to wire up a light extension I'm required to have this done by a suitably qualified person, or if I do it myself get it approved by ...
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European Union Regulations for Smart Plugs

If I want my smart plug design to be a commercial product in the EU it must surely meet some requirements, regulations or directives. I know about the CE (Conformité Européenne) marking, which is ...
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6 votes
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How could I create an LPG indicator? [closed]

The LPG gas is commonly used for cooking, and it is a very common practice to cut off the gas supply by closing the valve. Suppose I am away from my home and I forgot to check whether my LPG supply ...
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Safety of a smart switch on a fireplace

Would it be unsafe or considered "bad practice" to replace a gas fireplace switch with an IoT enabled smart switch? I would like to think there would be no issue, but, I want to make sure that it's ...
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