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For questions related to IoT devices and applications that make use of Sigfox proprietary technology, that enables communication using the ISM radio band.

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Method to send data from a device to a backend

I have tasked myself with building a simple temperature sensor device, using a thermocouple and stm32 microcontroller. I want to be able to take readings at regular intervals (every hour or so) and ...
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Sigfox Header Size

I can't seem to find if the header size for Sigfox. Looking at their website ( it says "The Sigfox uplink payload is limited to 12 bytes (excluding the payload headers). ...
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LPWAN technology for remote environmental monitoring

What would be the most appropriate LPWAN technologies for environmental monitoring in a remote area, given the following: The monitoring system would be made up of 3 to 10 nodes located within a ...
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LPWAN technologies and Dash7

I need to transfer messages from node to gateway that would be at most 2km apart. I am currently working with 40 nodes that wake up every 1 minute. So I would like to have battery life of at least 3-...
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Sigfox Callback CustomValue's issue Sending NULL instead of wanted values

I'm working on a project, and I want to use a Sigfox callback to send some data. But when I want separate my payload as I coded it, all my values on Callback are NULL. This is my Callback, and this ...
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What do ACK, SB, SF, LG, RES mean in Sigfox network?

I found these abbreviations in an official documentation and I don't know what they are stand for. Can you explain it to me please? I know that it is basic question.
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Are there any all-in-one chipsets that support LoRaWAN and Sigfox?

Connectivity technologies are diverging in the last times to adapt to the continuous demands. In the lack of any GSM standard there are several communication technologies. I'm interested to know if ...
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