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For questions about vehicles that are sensed or monitored by means of an internet connection.

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IoT applications with heavy-load wireless communications

I am very interested in the examples of IoT applications where a heavy-load (for large amounts of data) wireless communications have to be used. To the best of my knowledge, most IoT devices would ...
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Chevy Cruze 2013-WiFi Hotspot?

Anyone knows if there's WiFi hotspot on the Chevy Cruze 2013? When I tried creating an account for OnStar it says I need to go to my dealership to upgrade my OnStar hardware...has anyone upgraded?
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Use of predictive maintenance in automotive industry

I read IoT and Predictive Maintenance by Bosch. The article states: Predictive maintenance is one such IoT/M2M solution that helps lower operating and capital costs by facilitating proactive ...
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Connect to Chevrolet Cruze Hot-Spot Wi-Fi

The Chevrolet Cruze (2016) is supposed to have a Wi-Fi hot-spot. I do see it showing up in my available network connections, but how do I find the password? From my memory, the dealer didn't say ...
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