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For questions regarding Canonical's "Snappy" package manager and its use in Internet of Things devices. If not directly related to an IoT issue, consider asking at Ask Ubuntu.

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What makes Ubuntu Core's "Snaps" better than normal packages for IoT devices?

Ubuntu Core, Canonical's latest version of Ubuntu for IoT devices, says that its new Snappy package manager is ideal for the Internet of Things, and Wikipedia says that: Snappy packaging has been ...
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8 votes
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What's the purpose of a gadget snap in Ubuntu Core?

I've been looking into how to set up Ubuntu Core (the IoT version of Ubuntu) on a Raspberry Pi, and I've read about gadget snaps, which the documentation says is intended to define the device features:...
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7 votes
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How can I review a smartphone sensors readings on a Dell gateway?

I have got a Dell edge gateway 5000 with Linux Snappy 15.04 as OS. I have installed the gateway access point and I can connect the gateway from my smartphone. Now, I need to read the smartphone ...
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How to change dell edge gateway 3001 gpio pin to analog

In dell edge gateway how we can change the gpio pin from digital to analog? It has Ubuntu core as OS. It has 8 gpio pins only some of them I want to make digital and some of them analog. I have ...
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