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For questions about the software used on networked devices connected to the Internet of Things. Consider using more specific tags for the program you are referring to if possible.

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Running Philips Hue Entertainment with 3rd-party lightbulbs?

I bought this innr light bulb for my Hue system and it works just fine except for the fact that it isn't compatible with Hue Entertainment. As it turns out, no 3rd-party light bulbs are supported by ...
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MOXA Modbus with Raspberry Pi – Can't get slave to work

I have two Moxa modbuses that I have daisy-chained together, and then connected to my network's ethernet port. The modbuses are hooked up to a control board with LED lights for the coils and buttons ...
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Can IoT devices share their own capability/resources with another device?

Hello IoT Stack community ! I am sort of a beginner at IoT and looking for some guidance and help I am struggling to wrap my head around the following concept; Is it possible for IoT Device to share ...
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Wanted: open source communicating, self contained, IoT source code firmware

this question could be borderline off-topic here, but I dare asking it still here for academic purposes. If it is off-topic, send me an email to mentioning the URL of this ...
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How to use the new tools to do development on my ancient Fez Hydra

I dug out my ancient mainboard Fez Hydra and am trying to use to do my hobby project. Upon reading the instruction, I found that it requires to install VS 2013. I have VS 2019 installed already and I ...
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