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How can tell Alexa to use a different sound level for Notifications

I have a Fibaro Home Automation system with multiple Alexa devices. When someone leaves any of the 3 garage doors open, I have Alexa automatically notify us between 8pm and 11pm, hourly that the ...
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How can I ungroup these permanently grouped speakers on my Heos System

I am using a Heos / Denon system. I have speakers in each room with home theatre support in two rooms (Living and Lounge). For some reason these two rooms are permanently grouped together. I can ...
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How to capture Ultrasonic Cross-Device Tracking signals?

I found out that many devices as PCs, TVs, cellphones and more can use a technology called ultrasonic cross-device tracking. This means that there are ultrahigh sound frequencies which propagate from ...
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Reading from sound sensors or gateways with high level languages

I was asked to implement a system for collecting data from a sound sensor. I have no idea where to start so I'm asking for some guidelines since IoT is completely new to me. The place where the data ...
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Audio Streaming from ESP32 to Pi

I'm trying to make an audio streamer by using SPH0645 I2S MEMS mic and ESP32 DevKit. I found 2 code, First one is achieved by using MAX9814 Electret mic. The second one is I2S audio streaming but to ...
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For my "switch on light with clap project " will sound sensors detect other sounds other than a clap and switch on the light?

I am just a high school student who is trying to self-learn for my IoT home automation projects.Please excuse me if this question sound silly to you.This time I am working on this "clap to switch on ...
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2 answers

Creating smart multi-room audio system

I want to build an audio system for my apartment, that would have speakers in multiple rooms, and that would activate corresponding speakers automatically upon entering a room. It would have to be ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Do any outdoor sound sensors exist?

I recently had an F/A-18 jet fly over my house and was amazed at how loud it was. That set me to wondering how loud it actually was. Do any outdoor sensors exist that can track decibel level?
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How do I create a smart alarm clock? [closed]

I have an old, broken alarm clock (speaker burned out) that I'm trying to make into a smart version. Can I use something like an Arduino or Raspberry Pi for this? What screen should I use? I would ...
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