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For questions surrounding the mesh network-based Thread protocol and its applications to IoT. Do not use this tag for questions about software threads, since those are not related to the Thread protocol.

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Do Matter over Thread IoT devices have WAN access?

This is a seemingly simple question. But I can't find an answer. Suppose I have a smart switch or light bulb, or similar Matter/Thread IoT device in my home. Can that device talk to the internet? Let'...
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Matter (like Thread) support in Australia - almost zero. Would a zigbee Smart Home be compatible?

I'm just starting my smart home journey and have been investigating. I prefer open and no vendor lock-in solutions and think Matter will be the solution for me, with Thread being a protocol heavily ...
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Range of BLE and IEEE 802.15.4

In theory, IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee, Thread etc.) can achieve a much larger range than Bluetooth Low Energy (conventional, not coded PHY) due to its usually higher sensitivity (see for example here or ...
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Can Router-eligible End Devices sleep in Thread networks?

In Thread Stack Fundamentals, the four types of devices in a Thread network are outlined on page 5/6: Border Routers Routers Router-eligible End Devices (REEDs) Sleepy End Devices It is implied by ...
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How does Thread elect a Leader device?

Thread have produced a document about their protocol, Thread Stack Fundamentals, which I've been reading to try and understand more about how Thread works. On page 5, the document explains that ...
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Do protocols based on the publish-subscribe pattern negate the benefits of mesh networks?

Protocols that are modelled on the publish-subscribe pattern such as MQTT and AMQP require a centralised message broker to co-ordinate messages being sent and received. This does not pose much of a ...
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