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For questions about devices used to track the location of something; typically a device containing a GPS receiver and a cellular modem. Also for inverse tracking of objects as they move, but not for general inventory tracking.

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How to count people in a given area without using phone traffic data?

DESCRIPTION: I am working on a project to find out how many people are in a given region. Basically I want to make a heatmap showing how people move in a specific day throughout 24h. In order to do so,...
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How to initiate connection to a GPRS enabled tracking device

I am trying to work with a few GPS-enabled tracking devices one of them being a TK-303 GPS tracker that uses SIM-powered GPRS to access the internet. currently, I can receive messages on my python TCP ...
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Sensor suggestions for accurate drone speed testing

I'm trying to build a system that would allow me to monitor a moving object in real time, to estimate its average speed over a fixed distance. The issue is that the object is a drone, it can't be ...
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How to triangulate phone position?

Description: I am trying to create a map to see how people carrying a cellphone move inside of a given region (e.g. a building). Since not everybody has Bluetooth or Wi-Fi turned on, I was trying to ...
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Choosing BLE beacons and gateways

I don’t get what is the difference between different beacons. For example, the Meeblue M52-SA costs 10 USD, approximately, and the Estimote Proximity beacon costs 25 USD. Both use Bluetooth 5, their ...
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How to capture Ultrasonic Cross-Device Tracking signals?

I found out that many devices as PCs, TVs, cellphones and more can use a technology called ultrasonic cross-device tracking. This means that there are ultrahigh sound frequencies which propagate from ...
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How to enable a device to follow you?

I am trying to find out what IoT devices I shall use to enable an device(say a small toy car) to have a ability to follow a particular person. So far what I have found: QR Code, print out the QR code ...
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Can GPS device report to other device without internet?

I have device A which that device made by only GPS+CONTROLLER. Can that GPS report their location to device B which made by Controller or it will better report to internet without using GSM module or ...
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Advise on device to use when tracking a moving vehicle and pushing data to an API

I need to determine when a van leaves or enters a geofence range, and alert a system on my side - either via an API call or email sent - so that I can digest that data for later. My blocker is finding ...
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Is custom communication with OBU inside a truck using microwave DRSC technology possible?

Each truck in the Czech Republic must have an OBU - on board unit - installed: The OBU is using EasyGO + industrial standard and has the ...
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GPS/GSM Tracker not sending location [closed]

I bought GPS/GSM Tracker from eBay but it doesn't work and i can't get Location Steps I followed: I bought a new sim card with calls and data (checked that it working) I installed an app on my ...
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How can I programmatically tell a camera where to point?

I don't have a particular camera in mind right now, I'm just curious how this is done, programmatically/mathematically. I have a 3D space, a rectangle, with a camera up in one corner looking ...
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Looking for device with following capabilities

I'm looking for a device that has the following capabilities: min 50 Hz 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope bluetooth wifi programmable at least 1 Gb storage decent (rechargeable) battery (...
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Smallest version of a GPS Receiver searched [closed]

I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I think it is. Short background: I keep losing things temporary. That means I forget my purse at the office (or was it at home?), leave my keys at ...
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Wireless communication technologies for indoor location-tracking

I need to develop a solution for determining whether an object/tag exists within a defined perimeter. The perimeter would be located indoors so GPS isn't an option. It would be an approx 10 metres x ...
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Is there any way to track GPS device without WiFi, Bluetooth, internet? [closed]

I am trying to develop a security gadget which can be wearable. But can be operated remotely from any location in the world using its GPS ID. Don't want to use WiFi, Bluetooth, the internet or any ...
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TrackR keep ringing on its own

At the beginning of 2014 I purchased a couple of coin sized TrackR devices to tag my belongings, so I can easily find them. I use an iPhone to connect to them. My main problem using these devices was ...
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How reliable is location tracking of shipments? [closed]

I was reading about the tracking of parcels and other shipments, being a primary example of IoT applications. But I'm wondering about how reliable and precise the positioning would be. I have the ...
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