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For questions about voice recognition in the IoT domain. This is about the actual voice recognition. If the question is about voice recognition using assistants like the Amazon Echo/Alexa, Siri or Google Home use the product tags.

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What could be causing ESP IDF to not recognize the content of my included header files?

ESP - IDF not functioning as expected. I've been trying to work on esp32s3 and skainet using esp-idf(ide not the eclipse or vs code plugin) and I am facing this issue constantly. Issue: I have made a ...
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How can I disable voice commands (Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa) on iRobot?

I have 2x iRobot (vacuum cleaner and mop) and use their proprietary app, but block internet access for both iRobots on OpenWrt firewall. Now I want to disable voice commands (Google Assistant and ...
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Tools to generate Access Tokens for Devices without the use of platforms

According to the present IoT landscape the Users of the data can either use the following interfaces to access IoT information: Web Apps Smart Phone Apps However with the user of new technologies as ...
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How to prevent other unauthorized users in the home from Chromecasting videos using the Google Home Mini?

Is there any way to prevent unauthorized persons from Chromecasting videos using my default YouTube account that's attached to my Google Home Mini? I wish my voice were the only one authorized to ...
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How can I match database records (e.g. names) with voice input from an Alexa Skill?

I'm building an Alexa skill, and I have a slot called 'Name' where I want to capture a name. I want to find in the database the matching name. But let's say that I have in the database a name "Alex ...
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Good microphone for whole room (without Internet)

I'm currently working on a smart home with voice recognition and I'm looking for a microphone that I could use for a whole room. What kind of microphone should I be looking for? What does the Amazon ...
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Is it possible to train the "Google Home" device for different styles of pronunciation?

My English pronunciation and accent is different from how American or British English is spoken. I suspect this is contributing to misses for the Google Home device. Is there a way that I can train ...
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How do I switch between users with my Google Home?

A new card in the Google Home app says that multiple users are now supported: Multiple users now supported Now, you and others in your home can get a personalized experience from your ...
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What conversational UI or voice command frameworks work offline?

Something I'm looking for is a conversational UI or voice command framework or extensible product (like Alexa) that can be used offline or without an internet connection. I haven't been able to figure ...
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How do I train my Amazon Echo to understand my voice more accurately?

The problem I have with these voice activated devices is that it doesn't always understand my voice correctly. I'm mostly focused on the Amazon Echo; in this post I am asking: How can I train my ...
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How accurate is Google Home's voice recognition, especially where the speaker has a thick accent?

I'm thinking of purchasing Google Home. In the past I have always had issues due to a 'broad Yorkshire accent' with voice recognition systems. I'm concerned that if I purchase Google Home, my accent ...
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How do I configure Alexa to access a REST API?

I have several lights connected to relays which are connected to a wiolink I can turn the lights on and off through the REST API, like so: curl[...
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How to Enhance the Voice Recognition on Raspberry Pi controlling Smart Home Devices [closed]

I have a Raspberry Pi running Jarvis, a personal IA that I can use with my voice to control my smart home devices. However, the voice recognition is far from perfect. They have a list of speech-to-...
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