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Questions tagged [web-services]

For questions regarding the use and/or implementation of web services. For general questions about web services, consider asking at Web Applications Stack Exchange.

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37 votes
5 answers

Is there a fully open source platform for IoT presentation and visualization?

I have decided to use the AWS IoT communications platform in order to talk with our sensors. However, when it comes to visualization, I was hoping it wouldn't be necessary to reinvent the wheel. As ...
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17 votes
7 answers

What IoT services are available for storing/sending/publishing generic data in the cloud?

What IoT services are available for storing/sending/publishing (and opposite operations) generic small amount of data in the cloud? I am looking, for example, for a service where a device could store ...
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1 answer

POST messages in JSON to mosquitto MQTT not being received from node-RED mqtt node

Not sure how much better I can phrase it in the question but i'll try to explain to the best I can. What I am trying to do: Using IFTTT Webhook to POST a JSON message in MQTT Format. POST URL: test....
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