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For questions about the WebSocket protocol, as defined by the W3C. Do not use this tag for questions regarding normal TCP sockets - consider using [sockets] instead.

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Real-time web-app for IOT devices

Goal I'm currently building a web-application to control multiple IOT devices over the cellular network, given the nature of the devices (working off battery power and operating in network constrained ...
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Gosund (tuya) SP1-C managment via telnet

Can I turn on/off my electrical socket "Gosund SP1-C" from local network ? (via telnet, for example. Like it happened with Yeelight bulbs) I see that 80, 8080 and 5353 ports are opened but ...
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How to connect several sensor boxes (ESP32) via WIFI/webserver/...?

I'm intending to create some (like 5-10) boxes with sensors and/or relays inside using ESP32's. For connection to a laptop and mobile phone I found a tutorial at ESP32 WebSocket Server: Control ...
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Why can't FireFox connect to mosquitto via websocket on Ubuntu 20.04? No problem with Ubuntu 18.04

I tried to set up a new server with mosquitto. When I set up mosquitto on Ubuntu 18.04, both FireFox and Chrome can connect to it via websocket. When I set up the mosquitto on Ubuntu 20.04, only ...
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Connect to Mqtt over websockets

I'm trying to connect on a broker with the following script #!/user/bin/env python import paho.mqtt.client as mqtt import random import requests import warnings import LoggingManager logger = ...
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What is the technical difference between MQTT and MQTT over web socket that allows the later to be preferred choice by web browser apps?

I am new to this IoT protocol area. My understanding is that MQTT is a lightweight messaging protocol for IOT devices. MQTT over web socket involves use of HTTP to UPGRADE the connection to use web ...
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Creating a Non Blocking socket for making GET requests

I am using an ESP32 with a MicroPython Firmware and want to make asynchronous HTTP requests such as GET request. I have tried using usocket but it did kept throwing OSError 128. I have attached my ...
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MQTT implementation recommendation for an IoT device

I have used HTTP/s based REST API for IoT application and it works well but consumes more data bandwidth and power. Also, the server resources consumed are too high for the long polling-based method. ...
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How to send continuous data from a few ESP8266 to a webserver?

I am new to ESP8266 boards and IoT programming and I don't know how to describe better what I want to do without a picture. Question: How to send continuous data from 4 esp8266 WiFi clients to a ...
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Why is Mosquitto broker and Paho client running CPU 100% on connection?

I would like to use the mosquitto MQTT broker using Websockets. I am running mosquitto version 1.6.2 on a Debian 8 server. "normal" MQTT works fine, but I am having a problem trying to connect using ...
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Securing first connection of non provisioned IoT device

Assumptions The IoT Device is actually a software installable on supported operating system, e.g. Windows or Linux. Lets named it Software-Device. The Software-Device is available to download by ...
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Pushing Processed data from RFID + Sensors to a Platform

I have some sensor nodes (Bosch XDKs) that send information to an MQTT broker and an application reads the information and stores it into InfluxDB. Simultaneously, I have RFID readers that scan some ...
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Websockets with Mongoose on ESP-IDF

I'm trying to use the websocket_chat_client example on ESP-IDF platform but the value of status on MG_EV_CONNECT event is always -1, which is a Connection error. What I've done so far is I took the ...
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Network type for streaming from RPi to several ESP8266 modules

I would like to host a web page from a RPi that has websocket controls that update in 'real time' such as a slider that transmits its value as you move it. I then want to broadcast the values to ...
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Connect Webpage to AWS IoT to Publish Messages

I want to create an IoT system. My system contains a robotic arm, a CNC machine and a web page. I want to use MQTT in which I can publish from my web page to robotic arm to pick up the object and put ...
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How to enable WebSockets on Mosquitto running on Windows?

I have a Mosquitto broker up and running on my Windows machine. I don't remember if I installed it with Web Sockets support (Cause I didn't knew what that was, or if I needed it). But seeing now my ...
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Should I use Mosquitto's web sockets or connect clients directly?

According to this blog, Mosquitto (the MQTT broker) now supports connecting to clients over web sockets. The blog article seems to hint that web sockets are more useful for browser applications, since ...
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