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Questions tagged [wemo]

For questions about WeMo series of products from Belkin International, Inc.

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3 votes
2 answers

Belkin Wemo API?

Looking for some API docs on querying & control of Belkin Wemo switches/plugs. I have discovery working but can't seem to find any concise documentations describing how to do much else. I can ...
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Trying to access debug logs on WeMo smart plug

I have been experimenting with my WeMo IoT smart plug, along with PyWeMo, an API designed to allow for low-level access to the plug. I would like to access debug logs made by the plug, but the link ...
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8 votes
1 answer

How to Use Alexa & Raspberry Pi switch things wirelessly?

I wanted to use my Amazon Echo Dot to connect to my Raspberry Pi, and have it turn on switches wirelessly. What I have done: I have been able to use Makermusings's Fauxmo and a relay board to "trick"...
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8 votes
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How do I connect Wemo Bulbs to Google Home

I'm trying to connect my Belkin Wemo smart bulbs to my Google Home (really my Google Assistant via the Google Home app). I'm following the steps lists on Belkin's Support Site but after I click "...
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7 votes
2 answers

Getting status from WeMo device using Alexa

I am using an ESP8266 to emulate a WeMo device with wemos and fauxmoESP arduino code found on the internet. Now that I understand the basic interaction of on and off commands, I'd like to add a status ...
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Do Belkin Wemo switches integrate with Apple HomeKit?

In March of 2016, Belkin announced that they would not be supporting Apple HomeKit any time in the near future. This meant that integration was basically impossible across Apple devices. However, ...
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Can I use my Pebble to interact with Belkin Wemo devices?

My house makes heavy use of Belkin Wemo switches and bulbs. I would like to be able use my Pebble to turn on a number of devices. There are apps that will integrate with Wemo, but they require a ...
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