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For questions about non-wireless communication in IoT devices, particularly where you do not have a specific protocol or transport in mind.

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Combining the detection of smoke+motion+temperature+light in a single wired device

I'm working on a prototype home automation for our to-be renovated off-grid farmhouse. Much of the house will run directly on 24V DC (except the power devices like microwave etc).The whole setup will ...
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Receiving doorbell notification on Zigbee or MQTT from an electro-mechanical ding-dong

I have a typical European failsafe bell transformer installed in my electrical box, wired to a classic ding-dong chime (works at 230v and 8v). I wonder if there is any component or a simple DIY ...
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Has any one developed M-Bus protocol on STM controller?

M-Bus is a building management side protocol which helps to communicate with the controller to get the available parameter values like current, voltage, power etc. I have to develop an architecture ...
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wired remote control of old equipment

I need to imagine a setup - hardware and software - to remotely use a sampler. Like this one, for example : I've asked this question on the Signal processing ...
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Wired sensor protocol for buildings monitoring sensors?

Assuming I cannot use wireless technologies such as LoRa, LTE-M or SigFox in the environment for the install, I must use a wired sensor protocol to communicate with the gateway installed remotely in a ...
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