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Questions tagged [wireless]

For questions about non-wired communication in IoT devices, particularly where you do not have a specific protocol or transport in mind.

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Creating COM serial port between external device (Joule/Arduino/etc.) and PC over Bluetooth w/ linux sdptool & rfcomm (OR another method)

This article is not device specific, but rather is focused on using sdptool and rfcomm to setup a serial com port connection over bluetooth. If you have another method instead of these two Linux ...
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MOXA Modbus with Raspberry Pi – Can't get slave to work

I have two Moxa modbuses that I have daisy-chained together, and then connected to my network's ethernet port. The modbuses are hooked up to a control board with LED lights for the coils and buttons ...
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Remote control old intercom

My brother has a motor disability and lives in my parents house. He uses an wheelchair and operating the intercom is way too difficult for him. I was thinking to mount an RF relay switch, but ...
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Is there a wireless video doorbell that will chime on Google Nest speaker?

Most smart doorbells (e.g. Google Nest Hello doorbell) seem to require a wired connection. The Ring wireless doorbell looks like the most popular but compatibility with Google Assistant looks poor. I ...
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Using RPC in IoT environments

I would like to use RPC for communication between fog nodes. As the connection between the nodes is wireless (802.15.4), I don't want to use an RPC framework that uses HTTP (like gRPC). I know that ...
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How to take data from multiple BLE devices into a central device simultaneously?

Firstly, I am very beginner in BLE domain. I have very little knowledge about it. I have Adafruit Feather 32u4 Bluefruit LE module. I want to do a project where multiple BLE peripheral devices ...
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Industrial programmable radio transceiver

(I hope this kind of questions are tolerated here. Otherwise, please say it in the comment and I will delete the question) I have to create a wireless network of over 200 devices, placed in the same ...
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Sigfox Callback CustomValue's issue Sending NULL instead of wanted values

I'm working on a project, and I want to use a Sigfox callback to send some data. But when I want separate my payload as I coded it, all my values on Callback are NULL. This is my Callback, and this ...
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OpenMote B wireless communication

Is it possible to make two "OpenMote B" devices communicate with each other (through WiFi or on other frequencies), transmit and receive data?' If yes, is there an example of such code to ...
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UDP communication with XBee Wi-Fi S6B

I am an absolute newbie when coming to using these modules. I am trying to setup a basic UDP connection between my XBee S6B (UDP Client) to my computer (UDP Server). I have added my codes below. The ...
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Are there still any cheap hardware solutions to providing IoT devices with cellular connection with the shutdown of 2g networks

I am currently attempting to design a small custom PCB based IoT business cards that communicate over a cellular network for the purpose of impressing employers. Since I will literally be giving these ...
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How to send GPS coordinates to a SQL database from my GPS+GSM device?

I'm getting ready to start building a simple wireless GPS device. This device will use an arduino, and a cellular GSM module paired with a GPS device (an example is the SIM5320a aka the FONA 3G from ...
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RF interference for ultra low power wireless device

Is it routine and/or has anyone performed tests on active interference when developing ultra low power wireless devices? You area going to test range of your device and tune your antenna/matching ...
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Credit/debit card machine to send bill to mobile app after payment

Hi all I'm totally new to iot, I just wanted to know if it's possible to send the bill from a credit/debit card machine to a mobile app after a payment, would to be possible, if yes any specific ...
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Matter node behavior in Matter protocol

What is the difference between MQTT and Matter protocol? Can I send Matter message between two different networks if Matter devices using link-local address?
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Cannot connect to softAP hosted on ESP32 IoT device on Windows 10

I have an IoT ESP32 device that needs to be configured through its softAP WiFi. When I enter the credentials of that network I get "cannot connect to network". I suspect that it's because ...
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Most efficient wlan module for a bunch of rcars

I want to build up a rc car on my own which I can connect/steer via an app - either smartphone or computer. Not decided, yet. I also want to use multiple cars, each for a friend so let's say in the ...
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