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How to pair the Xiaomi Smartmi Electric Heater 1S with the Mi Home app through WiFi

It seems that my Mi Home app is not recognizing the Xiaomi Smartmi Electric Heater 1S. This is actually happening with two different Xiaomi heaters (same model). What I've tried so far, after ...
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How IoT device in my local network is controlled from other networks? [duplicate]

I have some WIFI bulb from Xiaomi/Philips. It is controlled using Mi Home app. I can control it (turn on/off) both when I am in the same network as the bulb or when I'm in a completely different place,...
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Xiaomi SmartMi Fan 2S problems - Wi-Fi MiHome app not connecting

My SmartMi Fan 2S arrived today, I've finished the initial device setup in Mi Home app. The process of pairing was slow, but in the end, it finished successfully. And now 95% of the time I see the Fan ...
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Smart band for generating custom vibrations

I am looking for a low-cost smart band (should be available in India) which can be controlled from Linux machine and or Android app to generate custom vibrations. UPDATE I see that there are many ...
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Enable developer mode in Xiaomi Mi Home App

I would like to use my Xiaomi Gateway v2 EU-Version with openHAB. In order to do that I need to enable the developer mode in Xiaomi MI Home app. These are the full instructions from openHAB: 1. ...
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How to connect these different smart home devices?

Somehow I ended up with a mix of smart home devices. What hub/bridge/connector device should I use to connect the ones below? My devices: Google Home Google Home - Mini Xiaomi (Mijia) Gateway v.2 EU-...
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Push notifications to Mi Band 3

How can I push notifications to my Mi Band 3 without notifications showing up on my phone? It could be code, or could be an app for Windows or Android. I'm planning on writing an app using custom ...
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Are immersion sensors typically waterproof?

This may sound dumb, but are flood sensors, like the one from Xiaomi typically completely waterproof? And if they are, would they work if installed vertically, facing with the side downwards, instead ...
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Rogue Start-Up of Robot sweeper

I have an Xiaomi Mi robot sweeper and at 7:00:40pm each day it is being started up by a rogue internet message. I saved the active IP table from the DD-WRT router firmware immediately before and ...
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