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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 167
For questions about any smart devices and services that help automate or remote control one's home. Prominent examples are lights, home appliances, roller shutters and radiators.
× 141
For questions concerning the MQTT messaging protocol, a lightweight TCP/IP-based system for machine-to-machine communication.
× 93
For questions relating to the security of IoT devices (especially those connected directly to the internet) and how to mitigate these issues or avoid them altogether. Do not confuse this with device s…
× 86
For questions about Amazon's Alexa voice recognition service. This includes questions about interfacing Alexa with other services, Alexa skills and how to create custom Alexa skills. Consider adding t…
× 84
For questions about networks of Internet of Things devices and their administration, management and security. Consider using more specific tags instead of this where they apply, since this tag is inte…
× 83
For questions related to using the Raspberry Pi in IoT applications or solutions. Questions about a software or hardware issue with Raspberry Pi are usually more appropriate at Raspberry Pi Stack Exch…
× 70
For questions about the Amazon Echo family, including the Echo and the Echo Dot in all versions. Use this tag when your question pertains to the device itself. Consider adding the [alexa] tag when you…
× 67
For questions about simple IoT devices that can only monitor the physical world and report these observations. Examples are devices that just monitor the state of your lights, radiator settings, power…
× 65
For questions concerning IoT hardware, hardware recommendations, and hardware support. Read the full tag wiki before asking for hardware recommendations; there are specific requirements for a good que…
× 64
For questions concerning Wi-Fi connected IoT devices and protocols for Wi-Fi communication. Use the [wireless] tag for any other wireless protocol - this tag is specifically for Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11.x)…
× 59
For questions about the ESP8266 microcontroller unit, including programming it or using it in an IoT context.
× 53
For questions about the Google Home smart speaker. Use this tag when the question is primarily about the speaker system itself, rather than the Google Assistant.
× 52
For questions concerning IoT applications that use microcontrollers as control units. Almost every IoT device has an embedded microcontroller. Thus, use this tag when the usage, development or constra…
× 48
For questions relating to protocol-nonspecific communication methods between user and machine as well as between machines within the IoT ecosystem.
× 47
For questions related to the IoT applications that use Arduino. If question is about software or hardware issue with Arduino, consider whether asking it at Arduino Stack Exchange would be more appropr…
× 45
For questions about Amazon's AWS IoT platform, including technical problems and security/reliability questions. Do not use this tag for general questions about IoT!
× 44
For questions about choosing a fitting or identifying a used protocol in IoT applications and systems. If you do know the specific protocol use a more specific tag. Please add specific protocol tags i…
× 36
For questions about non-wired communication in IoT devices, particularly where you do not have a specific protocol or transport in mind.
× 36
For questions concerning Eclipse Mosquitto, an open source MQTT broker implementation, including setup questions, issues with running the broker, and questions about the behaviour of Mosquitto.
× 34
For questions about the use of the Bluetooth protocol and its uses in devices. Use [bluetooth-low-energy] for questions specifically about the low power version.
× 33
For questions about the ZigBee wireless protocol. Use this tag for questions about setting up, installing and using a ZigBee network, along with questions regarding ZigBee transmitters/receivers for d…
× 31
For questions about the low-level LoRa wireless radio modulation. Use a more specific tag when asking about network protocols that are using LoRa, such as DASH7, LoRaWAN, Sigfox and Symphony Link.
× 30
For questions related to Samsung SmartThings, such as how to add devices or use the app. Also included are interoperability questions with other systems or devices.
× 26
For questions relating the use of GNU/Linux based operating systems on IoT devices. If your question is about a general use or administration of Linux, consider whether it would be more appropriate at…
× 25
For questions about determining, controlling or reducing the power consumption of an IoT device. Every IoT device consumes power, make sure that the power consumption is the core of the question.
× 25
For questions about LoRaWAN, a network protocol for low-power long-range applications.
× 24
For questions related to the use of a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless personal area network in IoT devices.
× 24
For questions regarding the Google Assistant, which powers Google Home, Pixel and Allo. Consider using a specific device tag where the question is not about the Google Assistant in general.
× 24
For questions related to Internet-connected plug sockets and adapters. Use this tag for questions about technical problems, security, safety and operation of smart plugs.
× 22
For questions regarding the programming and use of the ESP32 range of microcontrollers from Expressif Systems.
× 21
For general questions about lighting in a smart-home context.
× 20
For questions about whole-system design questions, where these questions relate to the overall architecture of a system you are designing. Please read the full tag wiki to avoid asking broad, unanswer…
× 20
For questions about the transfer of data between different devices and/or between different software on the same device
× 19
For questions relating to Amazon Web Services and its pertinence to the Internet of Things. Use this tag for platform specific questions. If the question is referring to a generic platform consider us…
× 18
For questions concerning privacy issues associated with IoT development, management, and deployment.
× 17
For questions about cameras, especially those that are connected to the Internet in some way (such as motion-sensing cameras). For questions about photography, ask at Photography Stack Exchange instea…