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Will "smart" devices be required to allow import and export of data under the GDPR?

I think this will be difficult to answer, ask three lawyers get four answers, not to mention that it is something in the future. However, I would argue, that not each device (in the technical sense) ...
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Can I backup/export settings from SmartThings?

I don't have SmartThings, but do have Google, so here is half an answer. Comments above from me and Prashanth to SmartThings forum(*) discussions (here, and here) indicate that backup / restore is ...
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IoT Standards for data format when uploading to clouds or servers

My son implemented a cloud database system for us to share. It accepts blobs of JSON data presented by IOT devices and does some parsing on the JSON data to facilitate lookups from the DB. The ...
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I need to transform MQTT topic, is it possible?

First, it's bad practice to start topics with a leading / (while allowed in the spec it ends up causing problems later when you starting using things like shared subscriptions). As John S hinted in ...
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I need to transform MQTT topic, is it possible?

You might be overthinking it. You can just create an MQTT client service that runs on the RasPi separate from the mosquitto server that subscribes to the topic that you want to transform, then ...
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