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How to connect Loop Energy Saver to Landis Gyr gas meter?

As per Loop FAQ we can read that: If you have a gas meter with an electronic/digital LCD display and/or it is made by Landis & Gyr then unfortunately Loop is not yet compatible with this type ...
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Are there any 'minimal' power meter data loggers?

There is the Sonoff Pow WiFi Switch With Power Consumption Measurement or the SONOFF S31 - COMPACT DESIGN SMART PLUG WITH ENERGY MONITORING that seems to be popular with the DIY community. You can ...
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5 votes

Retrieve raw data from Smart Plug?

One solution would be with the help of Rasberry Pi. Make raspberry Pi as an access point and bridge the internet via the ethernet port. Make Rasberry Pi as your wifi connection to the smart plug. Now ...
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4 votes

Retrieve raw data from Smart Plug?

I have seen systems like this built using the TP-Link sockets with a raspberry pi that polls the sockets regularly enough to determine what mode a product was in (the product draws different amounts ...
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Are there any 'minimal' power meter data loggers?

If you already have a digital meter inline (or can fit a cheap 2nd hand one), then you can optically monitor the 1000 impulse/kwH LED which is likely present (without needing to interface to the ...
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3 votes

PZEM-004 cheaper alternatives

You can buy your own voltage sensor and current sensor. Hook it up to an Arduino and you would be able to see the measurements on the serial monitor. This is the cheapest way of doing it. One of the ...
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2 votes

Which UK smart energy meters can be used as IoT sensors?

According to ZigBee, their Smart Energy v1.4 application profile has been chosen for UK's smart meter rollout. It is my understanding that this is a secure interface, requiring the service provider ...
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1 vote

Lora Setup For Remote Projects in Sub-saharan locations

Yes, pretty much correct. An outdoor antenna (but well protected and perfectly aligned) with an indoor gateway will be the perfect choice. Because you want to keep your sensitive devices away from ...
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1 vote

How to monitor old machines?

Brief your question little bit, if you want to measure water flow you need to learn working principle of solenoid valve and sensor unit if you are measuring water level or something, then you have to ...
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1 vote

How to monitor old machines?

I need to have more detail from your question. But, I think you can easily use an Arduino or Mbed to monitor the water meters and communicate back to a server on your LAN. If the sensors will have ...
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A PhD researcher looking for guidance on IoT software development

Welcome! Your question is overly broad (by necessity) and likely to be closed. Much as we would like to help, this sort of question does not fit in with the Stack Exchange model. As to the length of ...
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How to change dell edge gateway 3001 gpio pin to analog

Not sure if you found the answer you were looking for, but thought I'd actually sign up and give you some pointers since I've just been down this path myself. The tool you need is 'dcc.cctk' which ...
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1 vote

Which UK smart energy meters can be used as IoT sensors?

Check out the sonoff pow. I did not use this by myself but the sonoff s20 power switch has the serial port populated for uploading customs firmwares. Maybe this one have it too. There is a custom ...
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