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I had to add a salt to water to make it eletric-conductive to be able to measure a value. Long story short: my water was too clean, lol


I'm trying the following: partable.bin on a file that is called "partable.bin" which is the extracted partition table using esptool. But keeps throwing the following error: error: the following arguments are required: input Update: Nevermind, turns out when typing the script name directly, it ...


I figured it out. I was passing the email message the last element of the array which is null. That was causing the crash.


The main issue is that you are mixing C-style strings (character arrays) and C++-style strings (objects), and that gives weird results. In the Arduino environment, unless you know what you are doing, you probably want to using the C++-style String object rather than C-style char[] strings. char lockDetail [10][250]; You are defining a 2D array (which also ...

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