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GPS devices are receive only, they have no way to send any data to anywhere else unless you explicitly include the capability. What you should use as back haul will entirely depend on how your device will be used. We don't have enough information in the question to make any assumptions.


Assuming the van as an ODB-2 port (most do) then you can just grab something like this. This assumes that you need something that reports in real-time, since you'd have to pay for a data plan. That one has an app so there must be some kind of api that it is reporting to; that system may have an open api you could leverage. Even if it doesn't, this one also ...


Firstly, how are you going to power your device? If you have a modern radio, or even a cigarette lighter USB adapter, then you can easily power an EDSP32, Raspberry Pi Zero W, BBC:Microbit, Arduino, etc. All of those could get the job done – with, in some cases, additionally Hat/Shields, so choose one that you are familiar with. I need to determine when a ...

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