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For questions concerning IoT hardware, hardware recommendations, and hardware support. Read the full tag wiki before asking for hardware recommendations; there are specific requirements for a good question. Additionally, consider asking at Hardware Recommendations for general hardware questions.

Use this tag for questions that are about hardware for Internet-connected devices.

For hardware recommendation questions, read everything in the checklist below - poorly specified questions are likely to be closed!

Consider the question check list if your question fits the tag. You can also look at the example questions. If this tag doesn't fit your question have a look below at somehow related tags that might fit your question better.

Question checklist

  • Recommendation questions:

    • Have you read Are any shopping questions on topic? and the related answers?
    • Have you specified your requirements in detail, including cost/availability if relevant?
    • Have you listed any research that you have done beforehand, and stated why the options you found are not appropriate?
  • General hardware questions:

    • Is the question related to the Internet of Things specifically? General hardware questions may not be on-topic here.

Example questions

Not what you are looking for?

  • For hardware 'shopping questions' with less specific questions, consider asking in chat.

  • General hardware recommendations not related to the Internet of Things may be on-topic at Hardware Recommendations.