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There is a REST API call you can make to HA to check if it's alive: http://your.homeassistant.ip/api/ If HA is running, the call will return this: {"message": "API running."} You do need to authenticate though. The simplest way: generate a long-lived access token at the bottom of a user's profile page on the HA UI, then use it in a ...


Ok there are two key properties here to get smartir working over MQTT (with tasmota) device_code controller_data device_code I thought that just looking for codes in the github repo here and then setting the value for my device will make it work, but it didn't. You will need first to upload the [code].json file to your home assistant installation at config/...


I suspect that the problem is device code 1060 only supports Broadlink and does not support MQTT. Same for device code 1180. Unfortunately, I have found no complete example of using SmartIR with MQTT.

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