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Should I build isolated networks for IoT devices vs. regular computers?

In answer to the first question - yes, it is possible in a pragmatic sense, and running a separate network will not appreciably impede functionality, assuming the separate network is given sufficient ...
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Non-internet-connected "smart" thermostat/thermometers

You are basically asking for an open IoT "edge" solution. You could try something like Eclipse Kura or Project Flogo which can run on popular open boards, and you'll have full control over how much do ...
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How can I make hostnames accessible?

Try ping this device by its hostname. C:\Windows\system32>ping bacchus Envoi d’une requête 'ping' sur bacchus.home [] avec 32 octets de données : Réponse de : octets=32 ...
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Near real-time LAN device status without polling

I'm guessing your best bet is actually using BLE beacon and notifications. Why? Because there are very few things that can wake iOS from backgrounded mode, and the list is even more limited if you can'...
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How to connect 1 million devices over Layer 3 IP-protocol

I feel your approach is flawed by your 5th point: "I need to keep the per-device cost low, so cannot put Ethernet on each device." Look at it versus "I'll reinvent a layer 1 protocol and all the ...
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HTTPS inside a LAN

HTTPS won’t change a thing for your target scenario, it is designed to protect communication between the client and server, any intrusion in your system would be outside of its scope. The only thing ...
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Non-internet-connected "smart" thermostat/thermometers

A short answer to your long question is as following: You can completely avoid internet connection but you will need to setup SDK/certificates for security and identity purpose (you can use your ...
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Gosund (tuya) SP1-C managment via telnet

I found the way to manage my Gosund SP1-C outlet via Homa Assistant server and/or Home Assistant app. I need: pairing with Gosund SP1-C outlet via Home App and iPhone - this add my Gosund SP1-C ...
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