From LightWaveRF net site: Lightwave is now compatible with Alexa. This means that you can use compatible devices such as the Amazon Echo or Dot to command LightwaveRF devices by voice. You can now dim lights, change heating temperatures, control sockets and more without having to open the LightwaveRF App. When you want to use LightwaveRF, just say the ...


Well, there is an online scheduling service you could use. If this then that offers date time applets that can trigger certain events. They also do have Lightwave RF heating recipes that prove that IFTTT works with the valve in general. If you are not opposed to writing an IFTTT recipe you might be able to create a recipe there where you can create the ...


Significantly, it looks like you don't need to use the LightwaveRF hub, both the Echo and Google Home descriptions avoid mentioning the hub (which is needed if you want to use IFTTT directly for example)

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