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What can I actually do with a Harmony Hub?

Is it possible to automatically switch my TV, my home cinema system and FireTV on and set all of them to the proper input modes when they booted? Yes, this is a standard activity. Here are two ...
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How to connect Google Home to Harmony hub through SmartThings

The Harmony Hub creates virtual switches in the SmartThings app. If you authorize these with Google home, you can issue commands like "Turn on Watch TV" or "Turn off Watch TV" The Google home ...
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5 votes

Starting LG Smart TV apps (other than Netflix & Amazon) with Harmony

I found a workaround for this, you add a new TV device for each activity. I figured I should post it, as I have not found any information on this elsewhere. In MyHarmony app, click Devices and add a ...
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Harmony Hub Security

You could setup a local firewall, but your best bet is to put it on a separate secure WiFi network dedicated for IoT devices (if you don't trust the other devices on your network). It's secure to the ...
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Starting LG Smart TV apps (other than Netflix & Amazon) with Harmony

Here's a very late answer: I found that setting the interkey delay to zero in the Harmony desktop app (Devices/LG TV/Change Device Settings/Device delay settings/Inter-key delay) means a single ...
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How to create a “TV off” activity for Harmony Hub?

You're right, Harmony Activities are a combination of actions with predefined "on" and "off" sequences. If you want to control a device (i.e. send "on" and "off" commands separately), your solution ...
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Why is my Logitech Harmony turning off my devices in parallel?

A bit of research seems to indicate that it's status by design. Check out here on their support website: they say: If a device is not turning on or switching inputs correctly, you may need to ...
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