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For questions about any version of Microsoft Windows. For questions about Windows 10 IoT, use the tag [microsoft-windows-iot] instead - this tag should be used for the desktop version specifically.

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Is it possible to connect a PN532 with CP210 to Windows x86/64?

I want to use my PN532 as input device like a keyboard on my pc with windows 10. I have a PN210 USB to UART Bridge. Is there a way to use my PN532 on a x86/64 device?
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Cannot connect to softAP hosted on ESP32 IoT device on Windows 10

I have an IoT ESP32 device that needs to be configured through its softAP WiFi. When I enter the credentials of that network I get "cannot connect to network". I suspect that it's because ...
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How to send data from BLE MCU to the Windows?

I have one nRF based 52840 device, which I am using to send the data by using BLE technology, my laptop has windows 10 and Bluetooth 4.0, which can detect the BLE but it cannot even connect to it. I ...
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How can I get Windows 10 to recognize my IoT boards?

Tl;dr- how can I get Windows 10 to recognize my IoT boards? I bought a Heltec ESP32, installed the Arduino IDE, loaded a demo program to the board, ran it, edited it, loaded the new version and ran ...
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How can I control my TV from my computer?

I have a TV as secondary PC monitor and console output, and I would like to build something to control it from the PC sources—turning on and off, volume and such. In short, a program to emulate my TV ...
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How to enable WebSockets on Mosquitto running on Windows?

I have a Mosquitto broker up and running on my Windows machine. I don't remember if I installed it with Web Sockets support (Cause I didn't knew what that was, or if I needed it). But seeing now my ...
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How to modify Mosquitto's Windows Firewall Inbound Rule to only allow connections from specific IP addresses?

I am trying to set up IP whitelisting for my Mosquitto broker on Windows 7. To do so I have performed the following steps, based on this article: How to Whitelist Your IP - Windows Dedicated. Open ...
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How to enable detailed logging of Mosquitto broker on Windows 7?

I have a previous question and to get closer to a solution I want to enable Mosquitto broker logging on Windows 7. Originally I have started the broker manually as follows: mosquitto -p 1883 -v -v ...
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Windows bluetooth event notifications event from cheap smart watch

My son got a 20 dollar Hype smartwatch and paired it with our computer, he could use it to play Windows media player even though there was nothing in the manual that said I could pair it with Windows. ...
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How to turn on Xbox One from Windows 10 PC using Cortana?

Cortana is Microsoft's intelligent personal assistant for Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft Band, and Windows 10. I am interested in how can someone turn on their Xbox One by using Cortana voice command. ...
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How to start Mosquitto broker service on Windows 7 from command prompt?

I have set up Mosquitto MQTT on my Windows 7 laptop. I have performed the installation process according to this step by step guide. Installation was alright and I could start the Mosquitto Broker's ...
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