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For questions concerning the MQTT messaging protocol, a lightweight TCP/IP-based system for machine-to-machine communication.

Use this tag for questions that are about the MQTT messaging protocol and its uses in the Internet of Things.

Consider the question check list if your question fits the tag. You can also look at the example questions. If this tag doesn't fit your question have a look below at somehow related tags that might fit your question better.

Question checklist

  • Is your question related to the theory, design or implementation of MQTT in the context of the Internet of Things?
  • Is your question not asking for a comparison of various protocols? (this is usually too broad)

Example questions

Not what you are looking for?

  • Use the tag for the Mosquitto open source broker implementation.
  • Is your question primarily about implementing code to use MQTT? If so, ask at Stack Overflow.
  • Is your question about any publish/subscribe protocol? If so, use .