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Can I use an ESP8266 as an MQTT broker?

Check this out: It probably won't be as powerful as an Raspberry pi but it gets the job done.
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GPS tracking system using raspberry pi 4 and lower lorawan

Unless you just want to build a proof of concept or are in very specific circumstances, it is unlikely you will be able to build a tracking device with just a node and a gateway, or using a Raspberry ...
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Connect PHP WebServer as a MQTT subscriber

Without knowing more about your specific hosting plan it's hard to say if they will allow you to run a broker on the same account. If it only allow access to web based protocols e.g. http/https ...
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LoPy4 MQTT Example does not Work

I was quite naive. I was using localhost on the LoPy instead of the broker IP. Replacing that fixed the issue. Thanks for all the answers!
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