According to SmartThings's Support Page: SmartThings doesn’t officially support Nest at this time, but many users instead utilize a custom integration created by a developer in the SmartThings Developer Community. This integration reportedly works well, and you can set it up through the SmartThings IDE by following the steps here. In other words, it isn'...


You can do this, but you will need the infrastructure. You need apps that connect things and give you access from the internet Stringify or IFTTT links your IOT gadgets together to perform complex interaction based on criteria. They both have good documentation, so read up on their docs to determine which suits your needs. I like stringify better, but it ...


Nest has an indoor temperature sensor and uses a weather API to get the outside temperature. There's a part where you can manage notifications depending on temperatures. Maybe you can start with this.


Yes, apparently that's possible. In this blog some possibilities of connecting Nest with Wink robots are described. The first Robot, I named “Someone’s Home’. I simply chose the robot to activate when Nest Away, detects someone is home. I set the time period to anytime. Then as a result, I set the robot to alert me via email. My second Robot was not as ...


I just used Stringify to up the house temperature one hour before I get home every day. Works good.


The HoneyWell Lyric T5 will give you outdoor temperature, so if you watch it, you could realise that the temperature is actually cooler outside. According to the Smart Thermostat Guide: Its beautiful, responsive touch screen contains a wealth of information: thermostat status, indoor temperature, outdoor temperature and humidity displayed over a user-...


Anything which supports the older Nest Thermostat API will have access to hvac_state which tells you if the HVAC is "heating", "cooling" or "off". Anything that supports the newer Smart Device Management API will have access to the thermostat-hvac trait which does the same.

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