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node-red - Metrics display with pm2?

You have edited the wrong settings.js file. The version in the node_modules/node-red directory is the template that gets copied to the User directory when Node-RED is started for the very first time. ...
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Send Alexa a command from another device?

Your answer lies in going the IFTTT route to control your device. You can then control it from Alexa as well as other sources of control such as your javascript file. Here are some Alexa IFTTT ...
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decoding data sent from an esp32 using esp-idf over serial in nodejs

The problem may be related to this issue Serialport keeps ESP devices in flash mode #2100. This is how I got it working. const port = new SerialPort({ path: "COM4", baudRate: ...
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Benefits of Greengrass over IoT SDK

Like with most AWS services, they are providing a bre-built and managed framework for you that you don't have to maintain. IoT device security, configuration, local Lambda software updates, cloud-...
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