The IKEA Trådfri lighting system is all CoAP based, you can find my write up on the protocol here Belkin WeMo devices are all uPnP and SOAP controlled as well so another open/self describing protocol


A lot of people have struggled with this. No charter appears to be forthcoming, because the interests of the cloud providers lies in locking their hardware users in, based on the potential future profits to be made from subscribers. The more dependent you are upon their cloud, the more you'll be theoretically willing to pay for continued service (note that ...


I am looking for the same thing and found your request here in my Google search. There are a ton of opensource cameras out there. Something high end (3D stereo vision for starters): https://www.elphel.com/ open hardware and free software. I am not associated with this company, they happen to be local and I've known the founder for years.


If you want to use a RESTlike Environment, you can setup: PHP CodeIgniter + MariaDB But you need to reconsider your requirements. Using REST over HTTP may require the use of intermediate techniques and a webservice based implementation. If you are planning a real-time application, it would be better to use a telemetry messaging protocol, as MQTT. In our IoT ...


You can use uBeac IoT platform. You should create a gateway and it will give you a unique URL (which you can change it later). Then, set the given URL in your device. You can configure the security options as below: HTTP/HTTPS with or without additional security header MQTT with or without credentials For debugging purpose, you can send data without ...


Most of the big (e.g. IBM, AWS, Azure) IoT platforms support automated device enrolment. IBM Watson IoT: https://developer.ibm.com/recipes/tutorials/device-identity-provisioning-with-wisekeys-managed-pki-api/ AWS IoT: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/iot/setting-up-just-in-time-provisioning-with-aws-iot-core/ Azure IoT Hub: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/...


Yes, Google home indeed has a hidden port inside it. But actually there is no evidence that it supports Fastboot and ADB. So hopes are narrow as of now to install a new OS on google home. Refer here

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