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From what I'm reading you need bridges for specific devices, unless they support Z-Wave or Zigbee (may well be wrong on this...). In general, you need a "bridge" for everything - including Z-Wave and ZigBee. A bridge may be as simple as a USB dongle and some software, or it may be a stand-alone box, but there must be something to handle the radio and ...


According to this forum, in the newest version you are : no longer able to activate the Dev Mode However you can : replace the Xiaomi Hub with a CC2531 USB sniffer that enables you to communicate directly via Zigbee with your Xiaomi sensors.


It seems, from this forum post that you can use ha-bridge which masquerades as a Philips Hue bridge, permitting it to consume the basic lighting commands. If you have Hue devices, you need a real Hue bridge behind ha-bridge. Since this supports Google Home, you're able to implement voice command, but potentially some limitations to the scope of the commands....


The problem is somehow related to my Wi-Fi hotspot (or Huawei router). Working solution: create a new WiFi hotspot or modify the existing one. give it a simple name ("OK") and a simple password (alpha-numeric, NO special characters!). (read how to access router settings?) reset fan re-connect fan to Mi Home app, use the new WiFi hotspot Enjoy!


I realized I was not specifying a payload for the command. Specifying a payload for the on and off commands fixed my problem.


There is a solution provided here at stackoverflow: Which sends the data directly to the OpenHab using python only. There the user has sent DHT11 sensor data on the condition but all you need is to check the method to send the data to ...

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