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There are multiple pieces here. You can make a HTTPS call and be sure of the server you're talking with, if you have the right valid root CA certificate. These are usually going to last 20 years. If you dont have one, you may still be able to make the call, but cannot be sure of the server. You could make such HTTPS call to get a new device specific ...


Most IoT edge devices use self signed certificates with decades before expiration. Since they only use their own backend broker, why would they need a trusted CA to issue certificates?


I will try to answer your question without going off into the weeds. This comes down to threat modeling. The modem IC (from what you wrote) exposes an interface that doesn't allow an encrypted & authenticated connection between it and the host (MCU). Even if you attempt to secure the device/enclosure (anti-tamper measures with sensors, as a start) you ...


The problem with saying "Arduino" is that is means many things. The Arduino (original) hardware was a single chip 8-bit processor. There was no connectivity with that board, it came out in the 90s. The Arduino IDE and software development has been extended to include many other processors, this has made it easier for non-computer programmers and ...

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