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One possibility would be a Shelly Button with a Shelly 1 inside. It can use its own firmware or be flashed by something like ESPHome (both are supported in Home Assistant) The setup is not cheap, though (~12€ piece)


That diagram is describing Google Assistant's Local Control SDK. When using the Local Control SDK you write some JavaScript that is executed on the a Google Home/Home Mini/Nest Hub to send control messages over the local network to the device you want to control. (You still need to have a full cloud setup for the local control to work as well, docs for how ...


2 Resistors and then anything with a 3.3v GPIO input pin (e.g. ESP8266) You need to build a voltage divider, the equations (or this calculator) on that page will help you work out what the ratio of the 2 resistor values need to be (But something like 20 kohm and 7.5 kohm should be in the right ball park). When the pin goes high, you can then make a HTTP ...

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