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How to differentiate the side of a door?

Jsotola is right. The cars use the distance to know when they have to close doors. In your case, you can use an extra sensor in the inside part. Maybe, an RFID or NFC tag, an ultrasonic sensor, or a ...
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Smart Locks with Alert feature

I think most locks will offer option number 1. For 2: The Schlage locks state this Built-in alarm technology senses potential security breaches at the lock, while the low battery indicator offers ...
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Is a mobile device to IoT device bluetooth connection possible without pairing?

Pairing is more often related to classic Bluetooth than Bluetooth Low Energy. Mobiles phones (both Android and iOS) can talk to a BLE device without prior pairing. However, on iOS you will need a app ...
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Smart Lock | Exterior Use

Many of these types of product are intended for use on exterior doors so should be weather proof (when installed correctly). I would point out that they are probably intended to be installed ...
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