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Controlling normal bulbs brightness using Sonoff devices

No, you can't do that using Sonoff since it is an on-off switch with relay. You need an Triac to do that. Normally the brightness control applications for AC will be done through Triac by changing ...
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Controlling normal bulbs brightness using Sonoff devices

No, most Sonoff devices are just remote controlled relays, they can only turn the power on or off. You can not use them to dim lights.
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Open source framework for ESP8266 to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Given the basic requirements, you might want to try out mongoose OS. It's fast to setup, support for Amazon Alexa, Google home etc. Lots of documentation available. The only thing I'm not sure of "...
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Any devices that do what the Sonoff Mini R2 does, but is UL rated?

I recently dug into the Shelly switches and installed my first. Most are UL certified, the 1 in particular. The most "heavy duty" of the Shelly switches only support up to a 16 amp load, so ...
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Sonoff basic R3 DIY

I've struggled with the same this morning, and finally managed to enter DYI mode following these steps: =========== Start here with 3.5 On the Sonoff device press button for 5 seconds (light pattern ...
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Is there an out-of-the-box solution for PWM controlling?

You can certainly make a wifi controlled PWM fan with an arduino and a wifi module. It would be fairly easy to throw together and would probably be a fun and rewarding project. All though if you don't ...
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Are all SonOff GPIO mains isolated?

Absolutely not. The SonOff Mini does not have a transformer power supply, and the 'switch' contacts are at half mains potential when working. This has the unfortunate side effect that if the antenna ...
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Tasmota WebQuery rule not reaching URL despite logging "performs WebQuery" (with Command: Unknown)

The WebQuery command was added in v10.0.0 Norman of Tasmota. You are running version 8.5.1. Apparently Tasmota just records the command to execute without trying to interpret it at configuration time, ...
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Lost power supply while flashing SONOFF S20

Oh no. Sorry this happened ! I would try to erase the flash and format the file system and then try flashing it again. See: (gotchas and the upgrading firmware pieces)
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How to toggle a SonoffS31 flashed with Tasmota via OpenHAB and MQTT?

I realized I was not specifying a payload for the command. Specifying a payload for the on and off commands fixed my problem.
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Controlling normal bulbs brightness using Sonoff devices

There are devices made specially for dimming using only on-off impulses to set the brightness. A common pattern is to use a short on/off signal for on/off, and a longer on/off signal to increase ...
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Where do SonOff schedules reside?

On the endpoint. They get their time from the net and timers continue to work without the net. Even after reflashing the firmware (for example with Tasmota) the endpoint retains the ability to store ...
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