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6 votes

How do I disable phone ringing from my Tile?

For iOS users, an option to disable "Find Your Phone" was added in Tile v2.28.1. Open the Tile device list Press ... on a tile and select Edit Tile Details Under Actions, unselect the ...
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3 votes

How can I pair the Tile to the phone?

Yep, it seems straight forward. If a visual demonstration is needed, I would recommend the Unboxing and Setup by AppleLeigh. There is a trailer from "Tiler Support" here which might also be useful....
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2 votes

How can I pair the Tile to the phone?

According to support on, it's fairly simple: Adding a Tile to your app is easy! Just follow these quick instructions for each new Tile that you would like to use: Add a Tile: Tap the +...
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