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For iOS users, an option to disable "Find Your Phone" was added in Tile v2.28.1. Open the Tile device list Press ... on a tile and select Edit Tile Details Under Actions, unselect the option for Find Your Phone Unfortunately, this feature is currently not available for Android users.


Yep, it seems straight forward. If a visual demonstration is needed, I would recommend the Unboxing and Setup by AppleLeigh. There is a trailer from "Tiler Support" here which might also be useful. The steps they follow are: Confirm your email address in the app Follow the in-app steps to "Firmly press the E on the Tile" and "Place the Tile near the ...


According to support on, it's fairly simple: Adding a Tile to your app is easy! Just follow these quick instructions for each new Tile that you would like to use: Add a Tile: Tap the + button to add a Tile. Press the "Tile" button or "e" button firmly on the Tile until you hear it play a tune. Place the Tile on your ...

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