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For questions concerning Wi-Fi connected IoT devices and protocols for Wi-Fi communication. Use the [wireless] tag for any other wireless protocol - this tag is specifically for Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11.x).

Use this tag for questions that are about the Wi-Fi protocol and devices connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Consider the question check list if your question fits the tag. You can also look at the example questions. If this tag doesn't fit your question have a look below at somehow related tags that might fit your question better.

Question checklist

  • Is the question about the protocol itself or does it specifically require disambiguation through the tag?

  • Is the question not about any wireless protocol or mobile data networks (cellular networks).

  • Does the question describe clearly what the issue is?

Example questions

Not what you are looking for?

  • Use for questions about any wireless protocol.

  • Use for the low power, high range 802.11ah protocol.

  • Use for questions about setting up and configuring networks for your IoT devices in general.