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For questions about the ZigBee wireless protocol. Use this tag for questions about setting up, installing and using a ZigBee network, along with questions regarding ZigBee transmitters/receivers for devices.

Use this tag for questions that are about ZigBee, the wireless protocol used in many connected devices.

Consider the question check list if your question fits the tag. You can also look at the example questions. If this tag doesn't fit your question have a look below at somehow related tags that might fit your question better.

Question checklist

  • Is the question specifically about ZigBee (not any other protocols such as Z-Wave, Wi-Fi or Thread).

  • Is the question relevant to the Internet of Things, and not just about the electronics of the component?

Example questions

Not what you are looking for?

  • Asking about the ZigBee Cluster Library (now known as dotdot)? Use the tag .

  • Asking about general communication methods? Use the tag .