Python, PHP, (T-)SQL, C#, Scala, Java, Node.JS, JavaScript, VBA, PowerShell and others

Since May 2021:

I work as an IT Consultant and at the moment I am currently familiarizing myself with Kotlin and React for my first customer project.

Till April 2021:

I was the head of IT and Data Projects at a control reserve (and balancing energy) provider and I am responsible for everything technical at my current employer: e.g. from the digitization and automation of operating processes (both planning and implementation) to maintaining operational services. My work includes both technical project management and actual implementation.

Here I was mainly developing in Python, VBA, C# and working with relational and NoSQL databases.


I have also worked with various other programming languages (Scala, Java, PHP and others) and I am constantly trying to familiarize myself with new technologies and areas.

My motto is: never stop learning.

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