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How can I find echo dot's MAC address without turning it off?
8 votes

Since you asked Alexa for its MAC address, I would assume it is or has been connected to the internet. Log in to your account at alexa.amazon.com, go to "Settings" > [your Dot] under "Devices", and ...

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Sensor using X10 power line protocol connection to Raspberry Pi
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5 votes

HEYU is a text-based console program for remotely controlling lights and appliances in the home or office. The complete source is made available under the GNU GPLv3 license. Heyu uses the CM11A ...

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Why is AWS Greengrass region specific?
2 votes

Amazon Web Services that have been created under the free usage tier seem to be region-specific. In the past I have had to go region=specific to connect to beta services when implementing them. I ...

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